It appears in the moment concern for designing and desire to realize a feeling finally meet eachother. The idea comes up working, and it is even more and more worked, until one day, you get caught when you see the dream has come true. That day... Oh! But you have to keep working!


When your appearance is in harmony with your heart, we are more beautiful. A cute accessory, something that's really ours, improves our own personality. My Land Love is a jewelry concept that inspires belonging, identity, happy moments, regards and dreams. It is a personal sensibility touch.


My Land Love is a dinamic and shared project. It's as big as all the happy places you could have in mind. We can't make them all in a single day, and anyway, what do we know about your own plances? That's why you can ask us for those pieces that aren't in our catalog yet. 


 My Land Love wants to be global, reach different kinds of people and give something to their personality. That's why we offer different product ranges, and we adjust the price.


 My Land Love shares illusion and invites you to share it in our wall. Nice to meet you!


Have a nice day! Be happy!

Near or far, there's always a place that felt more ours. Discover our adventure!

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